Thursday, February 10, 2011

and I shall call this week...

A blueberry week!
Al brought blueberry cheese tart from Tagaytay (erm, not sure.), perhaps to make up for that disappointing Feb. 7 when our blueberry froyo (a new flavor from Red Mango) was thwarted by "supplier issues."

Really yummy. Almost a cheesecake. Doesn't go well with coffee, though.

And then, this lunchbreak, we went to Red Mango to claim an alternative offer: 2 same size froyo with 2 toppings each and a blue berry waffle.  We only got a topping each, but we'll be able to claim the other one next week. Apparently, the Red Mango staff weren't informed  fully of the alternative that was emailed to us. 

The blueberry topped waffle was really good, but of course not everyone would like it. Al didn't. Said something about an aftertaste that I didn't notice. Goes well with plain froyo and crushed white choco. Green tea froyo was OK, although I wouldn't really claim it to be the best flavor for froyo the way Angge and Al would do. It tastes like... well it tastes like a leaf. (Of course, it does, it's green tea). Not that I eat leaves.

Hmm, am I getting good at finding good deals via the web? *smug* But thank God I don't have a credit card-- or I might have overspent by now. :))

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