Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I Blog.

1. I blog to show off... occasional outbursts of creativity. That doesn't happen a lot, so when it does happen... there goes a blogpost.

2. I blog to share some little private stuff  I can't normally share in person.. Like this.

3. I blog to keep an archive of my poems and short stories.  This blog was at first intended for that sole purpose, but I changed my mind sometime ago.
4. I blog so that I can join contests like this. And like this. I like the feeling of winning (Woah, that rhymed).

5. And perhaps, the most important reason is: I blog because I want to remember moments such as these.

This is an entry to a blogging contest sponsored by Life with Ria and


  1. congratulations!you deserved to win:)

  2. congrats! you won in this contest :)
    like the pictures..

  3. Thank you April (congrats too!) and jared's mum. :)

  4. hi Aubrey! have you claimed the prize yet? Hindi ko alam kung pano eh.. panu ba? Hehe Thanks! :)

  5. hi april! yep naclaim ko na. Here's the instruction:

    Just complete your Blog-Lite order, and settle the payment for the Domain name amounting to P495.00 then email a scanned copy of the Deposit slip to, we will waive the P990.00

    The prizes are valid till Feb 28, 2011

    Ayun. :)

  6. Nag sign-up pala muna ako, tapos may nag-email sa kin containing the mentioned instruction. Ayun. :)

    Nasa website nga pala nila yung accountnumber nila. :D

  7. kailangan talagang bumili nung domain name? no other way? :) thanks!

  8. unless meron ka ng sarili mong domain (inform mo ata sila if ever), i think kelangan talaga bumili. :)