Friday, January 7, 2011

Office Buddies

That's Muni. You might be already familiar with her. She looks a little annoyed because Angge drew a portrait of Wallace, and she didn't have one.
This is the portrait Muni's annoyed about. Good, eh?

Numbah 1. Looking cool as cool.

That's, ahm, Porky wearing my nametag from Kythe Christmas party. To tell the truth she didn't have a name till now. But she doesn't mind. She's not as sensitive as Muni.

And of course, you know them. Hello Kitty and Cindy. I refer to them as 'Pretties'.

And that's Wallace. No he's not my favourite. I don't have favourites. But Muni is mighty jealous of him.

That's Indigo. He's Juvy's. It's not that he's lazy, he just don't have a spine. Poor guy. He seems  happy though.

I won a Rob GC at an office raffle. Weee~

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