Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Told You So

You ever wondered why that bus came out of nowhere, hit that electric post, killed that driver, injured passengers and bystanders? Why, of all places, you were there, when you could be anywhere? Why you were at that spot at the foot of that overpass, thus spared, when you could have arrived earlier, or walk faster and be near that pole, thus be injured?

Well, those things that happened (and did not happen) happened because I said so.

Bah, you think. I am talking to myself (Or myself is talking to me-- whatever). Again.

And you're talking to yourself (or yourself is talking to you-- whatever) because I said so.

I'm gonna let you in a  gigantic secret. The universe revolves around you. Really. These people, that feathery clouds up there, those honking, speeding, drunken buses that irritate you so, you're bossy boss, that guy you've been mooning about-- all of them aren't real, not until you touch them (in a sense). They exists to feed your story-- they exist for you. You can actually claim they were created for you. I created them so you could exist.

That man, that one beside you, gaping at the accident scene, do you know where he came from? Come to think of it (turrrn it over your mind... slowly) he wasn't there before I pointed out that he was there. See?

No you don't see.

Another point. Look at that building over there. That one at the other side of the road. Do you know what's inside that building? What if I tell you there's  nothing in there; that it is just a cardboard building? That it's there because I needed a building to point out to you, to get this story (if you can call this a story) going?

Now you're thinking. That wasn't there before! You gasp. And then force this thought in your mind: that building was there all the time, you haven't just noticed it.

Suit yourself.

But you should wonder, you know, why your life seems pre-ordained yet so random. Why (let's go back to the current situation) you are at that specific place and on that specific time, a few feet away from disaster. Why you stand there, immobile, suddenly taking stock of your life; suddenly paying attention to a random man who suddenly appeared; looking at a building that you're supposed to pass by everyday but never noticed.

It has nothing to do with that accident.

Truth to tell, I was a little lazy. I was never one to delve into details. That's why you remember meeting an awesome man but can't remember what color of his eyes were; why he suddenly disappeared without a reason and you were not even bothered; why there was a man and a building out of nowhere.

Now shoo. I have another chapter of your boring life to write.

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