Monday, January 10, 2011

Enchanted? Yep. But More Like Dazed.

Mr. Wizard is very happy to see me. :)

Rules of the kingdom. :D

Dodgem. Okay, I suck at driving. More so with directions. XD I bumped into two kids and they looked at me with such I-don't-know-what-to-call-eyes, I almost turned into a guilty mush. Almost.

Ekstreme. I soooo wanted to try this, but I didn't. Next time, maybe.

Roller Skater. That's Space Shuttle for 3 year olds, IMO.
Anchors Away. Where macho strangers (sitting in the middle part, opposite us girls) lose their bravado. It wouldn't have been too bad had they not boasted loudly before the ride began that sitting in the middle has 'no thrill'. Yep, no thrill. For us, that is.

Ooh look. A walking stuffed toy. With a body guard.

Yep. I rode the space shuttle. I rode the space shuttle. I rode the space shuttle. I'm so proud of myself. Haha. Next time, I won't close my eyes. I'd see the world upside down. Next time.

ATV. Took me a while to get that hulky thing moving smoothly. but it was fun. :D

Wasn't able to try the ferris wheel, too.
On our way to...

It was a little letdown. Happy Feet is cute, but the ride itself wasn't that thrilling. The kids in the audience enjoyed it a lot though.
Souvenirs. I bought a tumbler.

Dora in the house. No thanks. Haha
Small world. Saw Princess while in line for Rialto. 

Old books in a make-believe old bookstore.

Rio Grande Rapids did this to me. I was relatively dry during 2/3 of the ride (and was quite boastful of it, I admit). Then a big, tidal wave-y splash hit our boat and said to me, "Who's the dry one again?" Boo. 

Said goodbye to a well-lit Enchanted Kingdom. Till next time, Mr. Wizard!
Must try next time: Log Jam (or Jam Log? Whatever. Too lazy to google.), Ekstreme, Space Shuttle, Rio Grande, Flying Fiesta, Ferris Wheel (or was that Wheel of Fortune?) and Anchors Away on a full stomach (kidding. On the full stomach part of course.:D ).