Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year I,

1. TRAVELLED. A lot. Malayo. Malapit. (libreng) EK. Ecopark. Splash Island. Cagayan de Oro. Iligan. Bukidnon. Camiguin. (weekly) UP. Nasugbu, Batangas. Club Manila East. Cebu. Baguio. Benguet. Naga. Caramoan. Bohol. Butuan. Hinatuan and Mangagoy, Surigao del Sur. Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Davao. Samal Is. Pilillia, Rizal. Nuvali. Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Corregidor. A total of 10 domestic flights (all in Cebupac. Haha, I deserve a loyalty reward. :P) Miles and miles of bus rides. Hundreds of strangers befriended. Several personalities (and fictional BFs) invented-- for security purposes. Hahaha. A lot of habal-habal rides (thank God for keeping me away from accidents, always). And the breath-taking sights-- I tear up just remembering them. Thank God for a beautiful Philippines. Thank God for the opportunity to see them. Thank God for the adventure.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ililibre mo ko ng dark mocha na venti (walang space)

Eto na yung pinakamatinong picture nating 3 sa ofis na nahanap ko. Pero tamad ako maghanap so baka may mas ok pa jan. haha | Larawang kuha ni Ate Ems


I agree with the title, now show me the message.

Monday, December 26, 2011

UP Lantern Parade

This happy activity marks the start of the holidays for the students. It's something everyone looks forward to, even the non-UP people. So many people flock to the campus that it's usually difficult to get a text message across, much more a cellphone call. XD
People gathered in the best viewing spot: Eng'g steps. We weren't able to find a spot. :(

UP GL Christmas Party

This year, my beloved envi org celebrated Christmas by giving back and hosting a party for street kids in the campus.
Some of the kids in our Mini Christmas Party

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Corregidor (and Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon) Day 3

Yaayy! Finally got to explore Corregidor on foot (and two hitchhikes :P). I have to go back though, and bring lots of courage with me so that I can follow paths that lead into ruins hidden in the forest.

Like these:
I think it's the path to the old hospital

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Corregidor (and Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon) Day 2

We woke up before the sun does. As marshals, there were sooo much to prepare: water, ice, bananas, tables and the lot.
Testing the timer at pre-dawn

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corregidor (and Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon) Day 1

Thursday, around 9 pm
SMS: Au, 3d2n all-expense paid trip to Corregidor. Game?
Me: Wait, paalam ako sa work. (Sends sms, received an OK) Ayan, gaaaaame!

Friday, around 4 am
Grabbed what ever clothes are on top in the closet, stuffed them in a backpack . Bakasyon naman eh, keber kahit anong damit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Be a Blessing this Christmas

It's my favorite season again! Every time the streets and houses light up with Christmas lights, my heart lights up as well, for these colorful decorations bring up lovely childhood memories of Christmas. It was a wonderful time to be a kid when it's Christmas-- lot's of of gifts, food and games for every one.

But, of course, I learned soon enough that not every kid gets to experience that sort of happy Christmas. For some kids, Christmas would be just another day to get through, and worse, just that time of the year to look on enviously at more fortunate children having the time of their lives.

There is something we can do for these kids, the unfortunate ones, I mean. For Php350 and/or a day in our year, we can give them a field trip that would not only be enjoyable, but educational as well. I Pinoy is sponsoring a field trip for Grade 1-36 of CAA Elementary School in Las Piñas City.

Grade 1-36 students of CAA elementary School. Photo by Mars Mercado
A lot of these kids have never been to a field trip before, and may never get to experience one again. It is now our chance to make their Christmas season a memorable one, and ours as well.

Our Php 350 will pay for the a kid's transportation, entrance fee and food. We can also donate our time to this activity by being a buddy to one kid during the field trip.

For more details on how to join and on how to donate, visit this Facebook event page.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

When It's Saturday in Ayala

Being a business district, Ayala Ave is a setting to countless stories of rush hours, looming deadlines, urgent meetings and nerve-wracking first interviews told in the language of pattering feet and jostling bodies. It is the background for scenes such as call center people letting off steam (and quite literally--through endless cigarettes), for jubilant or down trodden first interview takers, for tireless barkers filling up jeep after jeep, for contemplative businesspeople with briefcases in hand and business plans in mind. It is a perpetually busy place-- with apparently no space to spare for a dreaminess and slow pace. You either walk fast, or get shoved to one side.

But, as I found out today, it is not so bad on Saturdays.
Hurray! No busy, harried crowd.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crossroads and Bridges

What's wrong with jumping headlong into the unknown?
What's wrong with staying within one's comfort zone?
I see nothing (and also a lot of) wrong with either choice,
and therein lies what's wrong.
You choose to go through one,
and you forever wonder what you've missed
 from the choice you have ditched.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Macro-madness in Manabu

Went on a day hike last Sunday, and I'd enjoyed taking close up shots of the flora (and some fauna) of Mt. Manabu. Here are some:
"Like berries"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Paano Magsabi?

Pag ako naglakad palayo,
di na siguro ako lilingon.
Ano bang babalik-balikan ng isip ko?
Mababaw na alaala.

Pag ako naglakad palayo,
palagay ko, wala namang pipigil.
Wala namang magsasabing,"teka lang."
o magtatanong ng bakit.

Wala namang aasa sa aking pagbabalik.
Kaya nga madali sana ang magpaalam
pero, bakit ang hirap ng unang hakbang?
Na parang may pipigil, may magtatanong,
may lilingunin.

Wala naman.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Make Me Happy

Freeze sunrise and sunset for me--
Those times when an Artist spills his paint in the sky.
Get me a piece of the moon and some of the stars--
give me my own bright night.

Take me to the mountaintop, take me below the sea.
Take me flying above the clouds, as high as we can be.
Teach me to say I love you in strange languages of the world;
Introduce me strangers. Tell me stories yet to be told.

Give me seeds that'll bloom into flowers all within a day
bring me flowers whose colors will never fade away.
Plant me a tree that won't take a decade to grow
and would live and grow until Earth herself lets go.

Jump with me off a cliff, laugh with me while we fall
and when we hit the water, laugh with me some more.
Stay with me as I learn how to grow wings and fly
Stay with me even it's foolish (and I'm a fool) to try.

Monday, November 14, 2011


There would always be sentences that would go unread
Words that would be tossed aside without being said.
There would always be a smile that would never be returned--
but so what? Write, speak up, smile again.
The world would not run out of muses and inspiration.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 5: Last Day in Davao

And here's what I did with the 8 hours I had left before my 7pm flight back to Manila:

Eden Nature Park
Packed my bag and checked-out of Green Windows Dormitel (I had a supeeer nice stay. I will be staying there again the next time I'm in Davao). I rode a jeep to Toril and got off at Mercury Drug Store. There, I rode a trike to Eden Nature Park.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sometimes, I forget that I could not fly.
I yearn so much for the sky
that I spread my arms and expect
to be lifted off my feet.
Instead, though I have not risen a bit,
I hurtle to the ground and smash!
And I'd have to pick imaginary pieces
of an imaginary broken heart
and put them together in my mind,
along with the sad reminder:  
I cannot fly. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 4: Rediscovering Samal Island

Au's note: Finally! Found the drive to blog about my #5daysoloflightindasouth Samal Is tour. Yay.

I've been to Samal Is before with friends, but we only stayed in a beach resort and did not wander around the island. I don't know where I got the idea that Samal Is is small, but that's what I thought. Until my half day trip-- which showed me how big the island actually is, and how much there is to see aside from the beaches.

Oh. Go ahead, skip the rambling.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Mountaineering is a relentless pursuit. One climbs further and further yet never reaches the destination. Perhaps that is what gives it its own particular charm. One is constantly searching for something never to be found."
- Hermann Buhl

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xamantha Khaylie Rhein

Dahil may business ang kapatid ko somewhere at si Mama ay may duty din somewhere at si Jejebrother ay tulog maghapon kapag Linggo, ako ang napag-iwanan kay Kakai, pamangkin ko. Mainit sa bahay kaya nagpasya akong sa mall magpalipas ng oras kasama siya, at manood ng sine: Puss in Boots sana.

Madami akong natutunan tungkol sa pamangkin ko sa buong araw naming pagliliwaliw. Oo nga't magkasama kami sa bahay, pero madalas andun palagi si Mama at si Mavic para "saluhin" siya sa mga "asungot" moments niya; bukod pa sa maghapon akong nasa trabaho most of the week. Kaya ang Kakai na kilala ko ay cute, malinis, palatawa, makulit pero hindi nakakainis at pwedeng i-ignore pag nagtatantrums. Kulang na lang ilang attributes, manika na: pwedeng i-off pag ayaw mo na kalaro. In my niece's case, ipasa sa iba pag pagod na ko maglaro.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ang Huling Lakwatsa ng aking Sapatos (Mt. Sembrano)

Salamat dear shoes. Maikli lang ang ating pagsasama (isang taon), pero madami tayong pinagsamahan. Unang jogging sa ultra (8 ikot, 3.2 k, lagpas kalahating oras. Dapat ata alay-lakad tawag ko dun). Akyat sa ikalawang pinakamataas na bundok ng Pilipinas (Mt. Pulag). Mga takbo at paghahanda para sa naudlot kong aplikasyon sa UPM. Ang una, ikalawa at ikatlo kong 10k na takbo at unang 5k. Dalawang tree-plantings. At eto nga, akyat sa Mt. Sembrano.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had a major panic attack during lunch break today. It suddenly occurred to me that I have no long term goals. I know, weird stuff to be thinking about during lunch, but thought about it I did. What do I want when I turn, say 30? It freaked me out to realize that I really, as in really, don't know.

And so, I embarked on a soul search right then and there. Yep, talking aloud about it to my very sympathetic friends counts as soul searching to me. Yep, googling "examples of long term goals" also count as a soul searching endeavor. And what did I, with the help of google and friendly advice, come up with?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lesson(s) Learned... and Learned Well

I used to really feel bad when I expect a person to be there for me, and he/she isn't.

Now, I just don't care. I've realized I can do things on my own, and that a companion isn't necessarily a good thing-- or welcome. Good? Bad? I don't know. But what I know, I realized, is that I've become a trifle undependable as well, as if I expect other people to not depend on me, the way that I do not depend on them.

For now, I'll consider that a good thing. Hope to God I don't feel too lonely :|

Sunday, October 16, 2011

mulTREEply: A Tree Planting Activity at Nuvali

Okaaaay. Ansabog na nang order of posts sa blog ko. Haha. Well dear readers (aba, feeling madami readers =))) utang ( na loob) na lang muna yung remaining entries about my solo flight in da south. Okay? Okay~!
Emo tree sa may man-made lake sa Nuvali

Meanwhile, kwentuhan ko muna kayo nung about sa tree-planting na sinalihan ko nung Sabado (Oct. 15). Nakakuha ako ng invite from I Heart Pinoy (c/o ate Tin and ate Leah)  to join a tree planting activity sa Nuvali. Free lahat: pagkain at pamasahe. So san ka pa di ba?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 3.5: First Night in Davao

I arrived at Davao at nightfall, after the 6 hour ride from Bunawan, Agusan del Sur (fare: Php190). The bus passed by a  lot of towns in Compostela Valley and it was very interesting for me because I've always wanted to know how it feels like to be in Compostela Valley. Erm, a little difficult to explain, but in a nutshell, I have this quirk of 'assigning feelings' to places I've never been to based on their name. Compostela Valley sounds a little flowery, donchatink? I can't explain that 'quirk' and the best that I can come up with is basta. 
So anyway, it was entertaining to be tweeting the location of the every stop over the bus made. It was awesome looking at the list and telling yourself oh, look there. That's already a lot of places you've been to. Yep, when you travel solo, the tendency to talk to yourself increases. Don't worry, it's healthy. :P

Operation Solo Flight Day 3: Meet and Greet Lolong

Helloooo Lolong!
Er. Yep, he's there. Oozing of boredom and indifference. I suppose , after long years of adventure in Agusan Marsh (right?), a blue, uninteresting, shallow pool must be quite booooring. 
 A few months ago, Philippines made it into the international scene through the capture of what could be the biggest crocodile in the world. A quick google of the term 'Lolong giant crocodile' yield a myriad of stories about Lolong, with the piece about him refusing the to eat the most worrisome.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Give me a break.

Days like this always remind me why I want to travel a lot. Because only when I'm in a strange place that I can be myself-- free from the shackles of self doubts that wrap themselves around me when I let my guard down. It is only when in a boat in the middle of an expansive, dark blue sea that I feel safe from forlorn thoughts that crept into my brain when I least expect them to. It is only when I'm in a bus seated next to a stranger and headed on to God-knows-where that I feel I am where I belong, I am in control, I am where I matter. It is only when I can give myself any name and would still not be a liar, when my age is insignificant, when what I call my job gets blank stares and absent nods when mentioned, when all I am boils down to big, hulking bag resting on my back, that I feel larger than life, awesome, ME. 

So give me a break-- take me away. Take me to the farthest place you can think of. Take me to the edge of the map, where we will walk for hours and ride for hours and sail for hours. Take me, and watch me lose myself ...and see who I really am.  Maybe (who knows?) see yourself for what you really are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 2: Hinatuan Enchanted River

I first saw pictures of this river from an FB group. I researched online about this, and found very little information about this place. How can such a beautiful river not be famous? But the fact that it's very difficult to reach had only fueled my desire to see it-- and see it, I did, alone.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 2: The Little Niagara of the Philippines... and more

Second day started at 730 am. After fixing myself and the stuff I'd be bringing around (extra clothes, since I'd definitely be swimming :P) I went out of the dorm and found sir James oiling his folding bike. He bid me good morning and asked me what my plans for the day are. I said I'd be visiting Hinatuan Enchanted River and Tinuy-an falls. I asked if it's advisable to stay in Mangagoy overnight, since I'm going to Davao the next day. I thought Mangagoy is near Davao. Haha. He informed me that it is a much longer journey from Mangagoy to Davao than from San Franz, Agusan and advised me to just stay in Hinatuan overnight and then take a bus to San Franz the next morning. I immediately agreed to his suggestion, since that also means that I can visit Lolong (the huge croc) on my way to Davao. He also suggested that I visit Tinuy-an first, then the enchanted river, since the bus to Mangagoy passes by CJ Hometel while the enchanted river is more or less 10km away from the highway.
Another roadtrip
As mentioned, you can hail the bus to Mangagoy right outside CJ Hometel. A bus passes by almost every hour, so I can't miss the upcoming one because that means waiting for another hour for the next one. I waited for about 10 minutes for a bus to arrive, and sir James hailed it for me. I told the conductor I'd be going to Tinuy-an falls and asked him to drop me off there. The fare was Php55.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 1 (Part 2): Roadtrip to Hinatuan

The roadtrip
From the terminal in Butuan, I rode a Bachelor deluxe bus  (which means non-aircon. There is really no other choice :P) to Hinatuan. It was past 1 pm by then, and from what I heard the trip is going to take about 4 hours so I was confident there'd still be enough daylight to comfortably look for CJ Hometel, where I'd be spending the next 2 days. I spent 20 minutes fending off sunglasses vendors while the bus waited for more passengers. Why are there so many sunglasses peddler in southern bus stations? XD

Finally, the bus edged out of the station and into the highway, and the four hour roadtrip commenced. The passing countryside was a refreshing view-- I spent the first hour just staring out the window, drinking in the serenity of it all. Tall, towering trees. Hectares and hectares of farm land. Houses of people living near the hi-way. More plants. More trees. And even more farm lands. Some houses.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 1: Warm Butuan

See Day 1 summary of itinerary

No, I'm not just talking about the weather when I said Butuan is warm, although it was indeed bright and sunny when I arrived. The word warm pertains more to the feeling that the place gave me when I stepped foot on it. Warm. And super friendly.

My first day in Butuan could never be smoother than this. Absolutely no hitch. Everything fell into their proper places and to think that the only preparation I ever did was to browse blogs and text random people. And of course, prayed. A lot. I believe it was the prayers that sealed the deal  for what is going to be one of the best trips that I'll ever make.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Self [2009]

I like you*. If you are a stranger I ran into one of my travels and got to talk to, I know I'd be envious of your freedom, of your spontaneity, of your courage to throw caution in the wind and go after what you want. I'd be pining for your stories, for the beauty of the world that you have allowed your self to see and for the satisfaction that you might be feeling day after day from the knowledge that your happiness is easily accessible and you have no qualms grabbing it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laruang Apoy

Anong pinaka naaalala mong laruan?
Ako, yung lutu-lutuan.
Dahil pangarap ko dati ay isang kalan
na may mukhang totoo, pero di nakakapasong apoy.
Naalala ko pa, nang minsang kami'y gumawa
ng kalan-kalanan sa likod bahay. Gamit ang mga bato
bilang kalang, at lata bilang kaldero,
nagluto kami ng malunggay at lilang bunga ng alugbati.
Pero bago pa man namin matikman ang sabaw 
na kami ang nag-imbento--
nauna na ang lupa. Tinapon ng nanay ko ang sabaw,
pinatay ang pangarap kong apoy...
at ako ay napalo.

that forgotten childhood

Why do I have this unquenchable thirst for unknown places, for provincial aura, for that undefinable smell of mangroves, for a taste of adventures among towering trees? I've asked myself that question a thousand times. What is it that I'm missing-- something that has to do with the sea, with bends in the road, with something hidden within the forest? What childhood adventure am I struggling to remember; what memory is it that lies so tantalizingly close, yet so far I could not fully grasp it?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend flies when you're having (too much) fun

1. Friday Night: Happy birthday Guillard!

Salamat sa Gumbo treat! The food was awesome-- and the company even more so. Eto na lang birthday gift ko. Haha :))

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Planning My Solo Trip

Less than two weeks to go... and then I'm off to Butuan and Davao! Contrary to what most of my acquaintances would assume, this would be the first time that I'll travel alone. My Iligan trip was a partial solo trip, since I joined my friends during the latter part of the trip. But in my upcoming one, I'm going solo all the waaaay and I'm super excited (and yes, a little scared :| )

I'm starting on my itinerary now, browsing through blogs and texting random contact people. My main concern is the place to sleep, since I don't want to spend a lot of money on an overnight accommodation when there are cheaper options available. As for the transportation, I have no qualms going around in public transpo and I resolve not to ride a cab.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Discoveries V

This time, it's not about another person. It's about me. It just hit me a while ago how juvenile I still am-- hankering over wounds that should have healed long before. I know I shouldn't, but see, that's the main reason why it's sooo difficult for me to say sorry. Because I know it is difficult for me to forgive and let go an offense. Even when I know I should.  Even when the other party has already moved on. It's a sad, sad, sad thing to nurse old hurts. I need God's grace to continually work on that and lose that ugly habit. :| Pride, what an ugly, hurtful thing you are. I really wish I can let go of you completely.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's Best

1. AXN Run. Finished 10k in 1:31:xx, a few minutes more than my previous 1:27:xx record. >_< I finished hungier, too. Ate a huge breakfast at Pancake House.

Discoveries IV

Oooops, I think I just earned another point for insensitivity. I have the lamest excuse in the world -- and that is I didn't know it was that important to you. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Discoveries III

Dahil sa nabasa kong paninindigan mula sa 'yo,
sa harap ng lantarang pangungutya ng ibang tao..
Ang respeto ko sa 'yo tumaas
ng higit sandaang libo.

Nahiya ako bigla sa sarili ko. Ilang beses na ba ako nagkompromiso?
Ngunit ikaw, kay higpit ng kapit
sa panananampalataya
 at sa iyong prinsipyo.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Different Seasons

My diaries. Not all of them are full. Funnily though, each one has a different theme. I must have subconsciously switched notebooks when a season of my life changes into another.

And these... remind me of a favorite song from Hillsong: the Desert Song.
... in every season, You are still God. I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship. 
 Indeed I have. Thank you Father. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Highschool... After 6 Years

Nagpunta ako sa West kanina bilang representative ng HAI sa alumni meeting. Di agad nagsimula kasi wala pang room. Nagpipicture-picture muna ako at nahagip ng camera ko to:
Sponsored by Jollibee? Nah. But then this particular branch  bear witness to birthday celebrations na may limit yung amount na pwedeng orderin ng friends (tipong Php 40 each lang ha) dahil walang budget nun. Haha.
And I remembered...
I must have had a crazy sense of honor then (and maybe up until now). I remember the time when me and some friends scoured the whole school for used plastic cups (yes, even looking through the garbage bins) for a school project. I could have just bought plastic cups from junk shops or the grocery, but no, I scavenged for them thinking that doing otherwise would be cheating. But come to think of it, we were given that project to teach us about recycling, not to turn us into scavengers. Haha. And there I was, going the proverbial extra mile and picking up other people's trash. No, I'm sure I wasn't after extra points. It was how I interpreted the spirit of that project. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one. Me and my friends even went to CCP to pick up recyclables. Remember, Elkanah, Joie? (Ann, did you go with us? Can't really remember.)
Haha. Hanggang ngayon wala pa din akong konsepto ng germs. Pero di ko alam kung kaya ko pang gawin yan ulit. Salamat Pasay West sa tibay ng sikmura at tatag ng isipan na itinuro mo sa amin. Di man ako madalas bumalik in person, paulit-ulit binabalikan ng isip ko ang apat na taong inilaan mo para sa akin. :)

Discoveries II

Weird pala nung feeling na after mong magformulate ng opinions/ideas about sa isang tao based on FB posts and comments, mamimeet mo siya in person. I was like, whatda? o.O

Basta. Ngayon, every time na may mababasa akong post niya, palagi ko nang maiisip yung impression ko nung mameet ko siya in person-- at magugulo na ang lahat. Haha.

Di pala siya cartoon character?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bohol 2011: the Usual Tourist Fare

I'll definitely have to come back! Lotsa' things to do outside the prescribed itinerary of tour guides. But before that, here's what I did in Bohol:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Amazed at how much you can learn about a person from reading his blog posts. Ang lalim mo pare! Ohoho. I'm so sorry I've judged you as shallow before. Never will I think that you are just pa-cute. I would really like to be your friend, in a non-chepar sort of way. Haha. (And I hope nobody misinterprets this post as sarcastic because it's not. Seriously. Sincerely.)

Dear Lord, damihan nio pa po ang mga taong malalim mag-isip. Tas pakilala nio sa kin, ha? Amen.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Weekend 2: Earth Run 2011

3:00 am ako nagising, inaantok-antok na naligo, at nagbihis (isang mahabang paghahanap muna ng UP shorts ko ang naganap. Haha. Handa na kong mambulabog ng buong bahay mahanap lang yun, buti na lang nakita ko rin sa ikatlong drawer.)
Mag-aalas kwatro na ko natapos maghanda, at eto, bumuhos na ang ulan. Bumuhos lahat ng determinasyon kong tumakbo palabas ng katawan ko. Balik akong kama, at nakakaasar, humina ang ulan. Tapos huminto. Badtrip. Nakahiga akong nagdadasal na sana lumakas ulit, para wala akong pagsisihan later. Anlakas ng tawag ng higaan, hahaha.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Weekend 1: GL's 19th

1. Happy 19th beloved UP Green League! <3
Napag-usapan sa KFC ang isang coffeetable book of GL experiences. O, eto contribution ko:
  • Sa GL, natutunan kong bawal manguna sa pambibintang kahit malakas ang feeling mo na tama ka dahil baka resbakan ka at ikaw pa ang mamatay. #killer
  • Sa GL, natutunan ko kung ano ang saudi, teleserye, at marami pang ibang pose. #camwhoremoments
  • Sa GL, natutunan kong ang mga taong takot, walang matinong picture sa CP Garcia #cp-garciapictorial
  • Sa GL, natutunan ko na habang mas buwis-buhay ang isang Sakay, mas lalong gusto siang ulitin ng mga tao. Sige na ulitin na natin, bilang academic na bundok yung inaakyat namin nun ni Cere habang nasa Majayjay kayo nun. #majayjayexperience

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I Love My Mother (Reason # 3) -- An Entry to Let's Go Sago Contest

I've traveled so often after graduation that my mom had gotten  used to this sort of conversation at home:
Me: Ma, alis ako ah? 
Ma: Saan? Kelan?
Me: Cebu. (sheepish grin) Sa weekend (which was then 2 days away. haha)
Ma: Ah okay. Mag-uwi ka ng otap ah.

I'm so glad my mom is so lenient with my trips. Because if she isn't, I won't be able to experience:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ikaw na.

Talent mo yun no? Ang galing. Ang galing mo bumitaw. :|

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hangga't Wala Kang Sinasabi

Hangga't wala kang sinasabi 
           hanggang tingin lamang ako.
Hangga't walang naririnig, 
                           ang interes ay nakatago.
Hangga't ang tapang na inaantay mo
                                          ay nananatiling malayo--
Hangga't wala akong naririnig-- 
                                           hanggang pangarap lang tayo.

Sabagay, malay ko ba, 
            baka ako lang ang may naiisip na ganito.
Bumubuo ng haka-haka at hinuhang sintunado,
          batay sa kilos at salita mong 
                            sa totoo lang ay malabo--
kaya't hangga't wala akong naririnig na pag-amin mula sa'yo,
          hanggang sikretong kilig--
          palihim na pagtingin--
          at patay-malisyang ngiti
na lang muna ako.

**inspired by A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Yung Thai movie). Sobrang nakakakilig, pero may point na nalungkot ako sa sobrang katorpehan ni P'Shone. XD

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What are Dreams Made of?

What are Dreams made of, daddy?
Are they sweet and sugary,
pink like cotton candy?
They are like cotton candy, sweet at first,
then they bite my tongue and kick my teeth.
Why do my Dreams have to be so far away,
that I'd have to run harder and faster just to reach them halfway?
Can I not have them handed to me, in red be-ribboned box,
why do I have to fight so hard--
and push all my luck?
It's just that while chasing my Dreams can be fun a lot of times,
There are days that I feel I'm out of reasons to try;
and today's one of those :( 
and there's nothing more that I like than to sit at the floor
and stare as my Dreams run out of the door.
Oh, how I want to chase them, yes I really do!
But my poor heart's beating too fast, I feel it might burst.
If I sit down and wait for my heart to calm down...
do you think there's a chance that I'd catch up with them at all?

You may not believe me...

...but really, it was a difficult choice.
My heart feels really heavy now. I hope I forget this awful feeling soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masskara Festival and The Things that I've Never...

I've never been to Bacolod.
I've never seen a festival (or for that matter, THE MassKara festival);
I've never felt my heart beat in rhythm with the street drummers' drum
(there must be street drummers in MassKara, right?);
I've never felt an urging for my feet to dance
and my body to sway in time with the dancing and swaying
of thousands of people in the street;
I've never had my eyes drown in the profusion of colors
and the sight of bizarre, breathtaking, awesome masks--
all of which are inanimate, yet so alive.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey, Stranger

PasikBlogan Challenge #2: Random Strangers

Take/Find a photo of a random stranger, post and blog about that person speculating on his/her thoughts, who he/she is, etc.

hey stranger
who stare at me
out of such empty eyes,
would you ever
ever know why?
my soul is heavy
with your sadness;
my heart is aching
with your pain...
and my hope so weak
against your fate--
why am i
so inadequate?

Children are sleeping on the street

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Crappy Blog Entry about an Extremely Mundane Topic

PasikBlogan Challenge #1: “Write a crappy blog entry about an extremely mundane topic.”

Pero ano nga bang pwedeng i-post? 
Dahil wala akong maisip, itatype ko kung anong maisip ko.

Pagod ako ngayon. Tumakbo kasi ako kagabi ng tatlong paikot sa Acad Oval. 6.6 k yun. 58:50 ang time ko. Eh 45 minutes dapat para makasama sa climb. So tatakbo ulit ako ngayon-- and I'm dreading it. Pagod kasi ako. Kaya ko kaya? Bahala na.

May dapat din akong matapos ngayon. Pero di ko matapos-tapos. Ang dami kasing dapat isipin, di na ma-accomodate ng utak ko. Sana matapos ko yung dapat kong gawin (asa, eh eto nagbablog ako), para di ako maguilty sa pag-alis ko ng maaga mamaya. 

Ayun, dahil narealize kong dapat busy ako sa trabaho, hanggang dito na lang muna ang blog entry na 'to.

Hanggan sa muli.

PasikBlogan is a challenge for Bloggers to stretch outside their comfort zone. Learn more at the PasikBlogan facebook page.​/218954961483935/ 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


First the Horcrux Hunt, then this:
I was like: Waaaaaaaaah I want to get in early. When I opened Pottermore,  the notice said that registration for day 1 is already closed. :( 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle -- Oh, You'll Never Be Forgotten

It was probably last week (I can't remember exactly when) when Al messaged me about 'The Great Horcrux Hunt'. And because I've been waiting my whole life to test my Harry Potter stock knowledge in a quizbee that isn't online and actually has prizes, I decided to go. In between coding and psyching myself for the 6.6 k run that happened yesterday (and was quite a disaster. XD), Angge and Al had been quizzing me intermittently about HP facts from online quizzes. That constituted my review.

Friday, July 29, 2011

At ang nagwagi...

... ay ako. Well, hanggang sa ipasa sa ibang karapa't-dapat. :) Salamat Angelica Gomez sa parangal. :)

But before anything else...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nung Weekend na Namundok kami sa UP

Bitbit ang bag na may lamang 6 na litrong tubig, sleeping bag, damit at iba pang pang-bundok na gamit, sumakay ako ng pa Fairview na bus. Alas 4 ng umaga yun. Tinanong ako ng nakatabi ko kung saang bundok ako aakyat, ngumiti lang ako ng alanganin. haha. Weird kasi pag sinabi kong sa UP.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cam Sur Day 2 (Pasalubong Shopping at Naga)

Ang nag-iisang picture namin sa Rex Inn
Back to Guijalo Port -- Mga 530 am na ata kami nagising, at nagmamadaling nag-ayos para makasakay sa unang ferry paalis ng Caramoan. Kuya Ramir sent us off. Isang matinding physical activity pinagdaanan namin at one point sa rough road: kelangan namin maglakad paakyat. T.T Nakakapagod yun ah.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Now, why am I soooo disappointed?

Gah. This is not so me.

Well, this is definitely not me.

Au reboot.

Cam Sur Day 1 (Ang loooooooong Island hopping trip)

Ang taxing ginto -- Alas 2 ng umaga ng bulabugin gisingin ako ni Angge-- oras na daw para magprepare. Biglang bangon ang drama ko. Haha. Timpla ng instant noodles for breakfast, ayos ng kaunti, pagkatapos ay sumakay sa taxing kinuha ng Jomckayl para sa amin. Php 2500 daw ang pamasahe papuntang Sabang galing Naga. Di na kami nakapalag. XD Sandali lang yung byahe, mga isang oras lang ata, kaya pagdating namin sa Sabang, mga isang oras pa inaantay namin bago tumulak ang ferry papuntang Guijalo. Tip: Php 1500 lang daw talaga pamasahe from Naga to Sabang. (around 2 am - 430 am)

Series Break: My Lakwatsa Grade

Andaming white spaces! Kelangan macover before I turn 25. Hehe. 2 years pa! :)

My Lakbayan grade is C-!
How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cam Sur Day 0 (Umi-esem naga)

Airport, airplane -- Sa wakas, aerial shots! Dati kasi kung di walang cam, may cam nga, lobat naman. Maliit yung plane, 4 in a row lang. At nakakabigla yung touchdown sa Naga, parang nilaglag lang ng naglalarong bata yung plane. XD (3:45-4:45 pm)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ehh. :|

Worried about someone I have no business worrying about.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


1. Sucks how very scared I am and I can't even tell you. Just because I hate sounding whiny. Oh well.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

(Almost) Midnight Snack

1. Dumating na pala ako sa point na nagsawa na akong maghanap ng kasama para gawin ang kung anong gusto kong gawin. On that note, pano pumunta ng Conspi? Gusto ko marinig si Noel C. nang live.

2. I am super, duper craving for an adventure right now.

3. Mahal ko ang boses ni Daniel Bedingfield.

4. Mga ganitong oras ang pinakamalungkot na oras ng araw ko. Andami ko kasing naaalala. Kaya siguro dapat tulog na ko. Eh sa hindi ako inaantok.

5. Haaaaaay.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tingi-tinging Kwento

Iniipon ang mga tanong na parang barya
Iniipon para sa susunod na pagkikita.
Iniipon mga munting salita
Nang sa muling paglingon (kelan kaya?)
May masasabi na.
Ngunit... ang mga naiipong kataga
ay may mga pakpak,
Mga ibong nagsisitakas
di pa nga nabibigkas.
Kaya malamang sa susunod na pagtatagpo:
Pagkatulala, hindi kwento, ang muling
baon ko.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Step One

Di ko bibigyan ng dahilan ang sarili ko para mag-quit. haha. Anyway, it's easier for me to push myself to do something really difficult than do something easy, like getting out of bed on a Sunday morning. October, I'm waiting for you! If I make it, I'm gonna give myself a Batanes treat on 2012. :)

Totally unrelated PS:
This is how I looked like (rightmost girl) when I was in 3rd year hs. Maybe, just maybe, I would be that thin again come October. :) (Credits to HS classmate Mizpah for the pic.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Para sa mga bagay na di na maibabalik.

Hindi naman malungkot ang kahapon subalit
may tamlay ang mga matang doo'y nakatanaw.
Marahil, dahil tila mahirap mapantayan
ang liwanag ng mga ngiting pumuno sa mga araw.
Mas masaya dati, mas masaya noon
at lahat ay ala-alang sa isip lang mabibisita.
Kung sana'y may paraan
upang ang mga sandali ay makulong sa isang garapon
upang balikan kapag ang puso'y nahahapo sa pag-alala.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Attended the First Ever Blogger's Buffet at Carol's Texan 5!

What to do when you get invited to an absolutely scrumptious buffet and it happens to be in an awfully stormy night? Why, you get on with it of course!
Maliwanag pa yan oh =((

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kwentuhang Pulag sa Dongwon Resto

Where: Jupiter St., Cor Polaris St.,--walking distance mula VXI building sa may Edsa, pero pwede din mag jeep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

'Tis No Child's Play at the Gods' Playground

Walking, almost crawling

huffing, puffing

heart pounding

a drop of water for my parched lips

and the world spun around.

I heard buzzing in my ears

and in my heart

a painful drumming,

I stopped

and sleep became the most

tempting thing in the world.

but no, I can't.

Finally, amazingly,

the awfulness went away-- gradually.

And I willed my stubborn legs

to move,

they followed, albeit reluctantly

and a few meters (centimeters?)

I was gasping again...

earth is definetely not my element.

Mt. Pulag: Walang Drama Version

Kwentong Mt. Pulag: Minus the Drama

Tatlo sana kaming friendship na nagsign-up sa Mt. Pulag trip ng ClubTravelNow. Sa kasamaang palad, inatake ng bacteria si Cere, therefore, di siya nakasama, at dalawa lang kami ni ate Leah (A.K.A Zai-- kelangan ko ispecify, may katukayo siya sa grupo namin, si Ma'am Lea) na natuloy.

Mt. Pulag: Dramatic Version

Alam mo kung anong ginawa ko nung weekend?

Umakyat lang naman ng Mt. Pulag.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cebu Day 2: Historical Cebu

I. Taoist Temple
Ang taoist temple ay malapit sa IT Park. Madaming tao sa may clinic nung nagpunta kami ni Cere pero walang tao sa temple mismo. We asked permission sa guard dun to take pictures, pero sandali lang kami kasi maliit lang naman yung place at di kami umakyat sa 2nd floor. May nabasa ako about 81 stairs, pero di ko nakita yun.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cebu Day 1: The (Literally) Long and Winding Road to Malapascua... and more

Around 4 am kami nagising ni Cere. Ay wait... snooze... mga 430 pala. Haha. Shower ng konti, prepare ng bags, and then off we go.

At dahil ako ang role model ng pagpaplano, simple lang ang ITI namin. Makarating ng Cebu North Bus station, sumakay ng bus na may karatulang Maya-Bagay at bumaba sa dulong bahagi ng island of Cebu. Pagdating dun, sumakay ng bangka pa Malapascua, at pagdating sa Malapascua, ask the locals. All info as remembered from browsing the blogs. Who needs maps and guidebooks? Haha. 

Cebu Day 0: The Storytellers

After work, derecho na ko sa airport. As usual, sa likod ng McDo Rotonda ako sumakay ng shuttle, for Php 20.

And as usual, magnet na naman ko ng mga story-tellers. Pero don't get me wrong, sobrang nag-eenjoy din akong makinig sa mga kwento ng ibang tao. This is one of the things I look forward to in my trips, especially when I'm alone. :D

Story-teller number 1: The NAIA guard. 
Backstory: May kapitbahay kasi akong nagsasanla ng digicam for Php 2000, kaso Php 1500 lang yung kaya kong ispare, so sa iba niya na lang inalok. Pero nung nasa shuttle na ko, biglang nagtext si kapatid na pumayag na daw si kapitbahay na isanla yung cam for Php 1500. Ayun, kelangan ko pa ibribe si kapatid ng Php 150 para dalhin ang cam sa airport. 
Sa labas ko sia inantay, in one of those round blocks of cement. Ayun, nandun si story teller number 1. At nagkwento sia ng nagkwento tungkol sa buhay nia-- tipong ilang taon na siang guard, tungkol sa family nia, sa asawa nia. Sa haba ng kwento (at tunay namang nakalilibang. haha) di ako nainip sa pag-aantay kay kapatid hanggang sa dumating na sia. Nagbabye ako ke kuya (na ayaw pa din magpaawat. Haha. Pwede na ata akong guidance counselor. O talk show host. =)) ) at nag check-in (Php 200terminal fee) at inantay ang 10 o'clock flight.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Want That Cowboy Roastbeef. :9

Just looking at this menu makes me wish teleportation is possible. I want one of those roastbeef NOW.
Doesn't the food look divine? :9 This is Carol's Texan 5's menu-- said to "...offer the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Maulan at Maalong Daytrip sa Nasugbu, Batangas

Start point: Aria's mansion at Alabang
End point: At a random beach resort in Nasugbu, Batangas
Budget: Php 650 max
It's COFFEEMATES' first anniv! Wee! (Pic by Dar Alcantara)

Yan ang tinawag naming plano. Haha. Pero quoting Ana: "But everything seems to happen as if it was planned. :)"
So from Aria's mansion, hinatid kami ng mama at papa niya sa Starmall, sakay ng cool nilang sasakyan. Haha. Wala kaming idea kung may shuttle na papuntang Nasugbu, so ang plans ay: (A) is sakay pa Tagaytay then pa-Nasugbu o (B) pa-Pasay then pa Nasugbu o (C) pa-Lemery (na may floating dead chicken daw. Hahahaha), bumaba dun sa point kung san nagdiverge ang road papuntang Lemery at papuntang Nasugbu and hope na may bus na dadaan pa Nasugbu. Turns out na dahil pito kami (there is strength in numbers. Haha), may shuttle na pupuntang Nasugbu! Wee~ Nag-antay lang kami ng ibang passengers para mapuno ang 13 seater na van. May family of 4 na dumating after a few minutes, tapos 1 kuya at isang ate.  Ayos. Mga 6:30 kami dumating sa terminal, around 7, naka-alis na kami. Yehey!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Déjà vu at CME with JHAKAEB

Went to Club Manila East again, this time with my highschool barkada. :D

Apat na lang kaming nakapunta, dahil di pwede si Ann, Si Joie ay may ginawang kasalanan (hala, ano kaya yun? :P) at si Kankan ay di naman talaga umaattend (hmph. hehe).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dahil ako na ang in-demand. :)

Sorry na different set of friends. Di ko pa nahahanap ang aking Doppelgänger na mabait, kaya di ko pa kayang mag-appear sa 2 lakwatsa at the same time. Hehe. Anyway, ang sched sa baba ay di pa naman nakataga sa bato (maliban dun sa me mga plane tix na, okay), pero ang mag-cancel ay pangit.

Bagong header! :)