Friday, August 13, 2010

That Voice

When my ears are filled with voices of people telling me what to do,
and in my heart, a cacophony of fears and insecurities overflow;
you are that tiny voice that I sometimes not hear because of the noise
you know where I should go.
And when sometimes I forget that I only have to pause and listen
to have all the answers that I need;
Sometimes I rush on and try to do things on my own, 
and I fall and stumble because I failed to take heed
You whisper to me and when I hear you I know
You are that little voice and you know where I should go.
When I sit down with my head between my knees
and my shoulder slumped with the weight of my mistakes
You speak to me as if I'm a child, gentle in your reprimand
'Child, leave everything to me. Here, take my hand.'
And I'd know without asking that everything will be okay
Because you are that tiny voice, and you will show me the way.