Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pages out of (my) Diary

I draw what I couldn't put into words.

Ah, decisions. I hate making them. :|
Solved. See: Found JNDI
...turned out OK.
It was.
Re: Bicol Trip. I am sooo excited. Salt and sand again. Yay!
My office PC (running on Windows 2k) succumbed to BSOD. Thankfully. It's now running on XP. My files got corrupted though, but no big deal.
Another self-portrait.
Somebody is.
The problem with talking with codes is that some days later, you have no idea what you were talking about. In my case, that is.
Too much drama.
Maybe I got 'em, maybe I didn't.

All pics are taken with my trusty cellphone cam, then edited (brightness, contrast) with Gimp

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