Monday, July 12, 2010

If I Could Shrink

What if could become smaller,
Shrink until I become unseen
Shrink until a speck of dust
becomes bigger than a mountain?

If I could become smaller
smaller than a pin
I could sleep atop my CPU
sleep undisturbed-- unseen.

But then, there would be some problems
Discomfort, you may say.
For the CPU would be very hot
hotter than the streets
on a very hot summer day.

Well then I could sleep at the top of my table
behind the books I stacked.
But the cleaning man may wipe that table
and with me in his wiping cloth-- stuck.

And then there's the problem of being seen
Of growing small, and growing back
for what might people think,
wouldn't that come as a shock?

And how to ensure that I would be the same size as before?
That I would still be as tall (or should I say small)?
What embarrassment, what shame (oh the shame!)
If I become plump as a pillow or as flat as a door.

So if I could shrink
(and I do hope I could not)
I wouldn't, not even If I'm very sleepy
I would not. I would not.

Hapontukin thoughts.

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