Sunday, June 20, 2010

written on the third sunday of june

i wish i knew you
back when you were young
back before bitter days
and lonely nights
and harsh words
did the damage
that was done.
i wish i knew
the dreams
that fermented in your mind
when anger and hurt
did not overflow.

i wish i knew you
before the years
that i remember.
back to the time
when every time
you throw me up in the air
i was sure you'd catch me;
before the time i realized
that you had stopped doing so--
both the throwing
and the catching.
before the memories
of dark, and noisy
and angry nights
and the screaming
filled my ears--
never to leave
even after many, many years.
i wish.

but now,
you are but
ashes and memories
and nothing
and wishes won't reach you no more.
happy father's day.

i'm not angry anymore.

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