Monday, June 7, 2010

dear mr.

a lot of people are writing to people
they haven't met before,
perhaps will never meet
and i'm jumping into the bandwagon
i'm grabbin' a seat.

coz' i'm thinking  of you again tonight
thinking of you again
howd'you look like
what are you like
and if i'll ever meet you, when?

i'm not too sure you'd be handsome
perhaps you won't be so tall
perhaps you'd have likable eyes
or maybe i wouldn't like 'em at all.

but i know
i know you'd be kindhearted
you'd be gentle and sweet
and you wouldn't think me crazy
already in love with a guy
i haven't met.

you'd be brave and witty and wise
dependable and true
you'd be the kind to have adventures
and misadventures, too.

you'd be one with me in my faith
we both have the same great love
same trust on the Father
who's crossing our paths from above.

perhaps right now, you're learning
how to write poems for me
i sure hope
that isn't too much to hope for
i love poems, you see.

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