Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now Only A Whisper

once, it was her language
that every creature understood
once, there was a time
when every poem that was written
was written without words.

long ago it was her voice
that was heard
and heralded throughout the world
and everyone knew
what they were hearing
'cause it was her language
that they understood.

but as time pass
they had learned
to speak differently
in a language
that was not hers

and her voice...
that gurgle of the brook
and chirps of the birds
and the rustle of the leaves

was replaced by the roar
of his mechanical monsters

and her voice
so soft, so sweet
was drown by the noise
of his engines as they
stripped down the lushness
of her green

and those who
still want to hear
her voice
would hear none
but only a whisper.

and to remember her,
to remember is in vain.

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