Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey, Stranger

PasikBlogan Challenge #2: Random Strangers

Take/Find a photo of a random stranger, post and blog about that person speculating on his/her thoughts, who he/she is, etc.

hey stranger
who stare at me
out of such empty eyes,
would you ever
ever know why?
my soul is heavy
with your sadness;
my heart is aching
with your pain...
and my hope so weak
against your fate--
why am i
so inadequate?

Children are sleeping on the street

hey stranger
who follows me with such an empty look
would you ever
ever know how?
how to lift that
burden of yours
that lays so heavily
on my mind?
how to melt that
coldness you feel
that i feel so
acutely within me?
how to find your way to heaven
without knowing what heaven
could be?

hey stranger
I guess you wouldn't know
coz' they've walked--
I've walked-- away too quickly
to even talk to you.
maybe, next time I'll stop by
and ask all these to you

But for now
all I can leave
is something for that hunger
and a promise
I might not keep.

an old poem of mine, written about 2 years ago. reposted for pasikblogan number 2. :)
picture from flickr.

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